Recreational & Medical Marijuana Dispensary in beautiful downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a repository of the purest genetics, most prolific buds and all natural herbs a cannabis connoisseur could ask for.

Located on College Ave, Elite sits near Colorado State University – nestled in the back of Rock ‘N’ Robin’s record store. Our style is relaxed and friendly as we seek to provide an inclusive, unique and exemplary cannabis experience.

Founded in 2008, Elite Organics remains one of the original dispensaries first licensed in Fort Collins. Specializing in small batch, artisanal and hand trimmed cannabis. We most recently have started processing our flower into various concentrates through HRVST, receiving praise from industry peers and customers alike. You’ll taste the difference, 100%.

Hours of Operation:

9A-745P Monday-Saturday

10A-545P Sunday

MMJ Hours: 9A-645P M-Sat, 10A-545P Sun


We are selective when it comes to the products we carry, our goal is to provide you with the best!

Clone Care

Growing tips and how to be successful once you take your plant home!


Edible dosing, consuming legally as a tourist, how to get a med card… more!